Duties of the Committee for ensuring of the impartiality

Main duties of the Compliance assessment authority are to ensure the impartiality and objectiveness of activities when performing works regarding assessment of compliance of products and systems of management. And, of course, it ensures prevention of the discrimination of any form in respect of the clients and other interested parties.

With the aim of the realization of the above functions the Committee shall be granted the following authorities:

а) to help work out policy concerning impartial activities in respect to the certification;

b) to counteract any tendency from the part of the Compliance assessment authority, which would allow the commercial or any other considerations to prevent the consistent unbiased conducting of activities concerning compliance assessment;

c) to give recommendations regarding matters, which would influence the trust to the compliance assessment, including openness and public credit;

d) to submit the proposal regarding content and functioning of the system;

e) to submit the proposal regarding amendments in the requirements to the procedures of the assessment of compliance of products and quality management systems;

f) to give recommendations regarding other matters, which are referred to the competence of the «Improve MEDICAL Ltd.»;

g) working out of proposals concerning improving of the work of the «Improve MEDICAL Ltd.», incl. by way of assessment of the sources of financing and receiving a profit;

h) exchange of experience of performance of expert works and works concerning assessment of compliance with other compliance assessment authorities, expert bodies and organizations;

i) to perform analysis of the impartiality of works concerning assessment of compliance, audit processes and processes of taking decisions by the Compliance assessment authority at least once a year.

The Committee may be committed to tasks or duties on condition that those additional tasks and duties would not discredit its lead role concerning provision of the impartiality.