According to the Ukrainian legislation, manufacturer (or distributor) of medical devices must confirm compliance of the products with the current Technical Regulations. This procedure is usually rather complicated and costly – both in time and financially. And those interested in its success – and therefore, in at least maintaining their market power! – should take a balanced approach to choosing a partner – a body for conformity assessment and certification. Why it is so important and what can do those who do not feel overjoyed about cooperation with the previously selected Body?

Why change the certification body?

Reputation is difficult to earn and easy to lose – this postulate applies to all spheres of life, including business cooperation. Therefore, it is better to pass certification and conformity assessment in those Bodies that have high competence and impeccable reputation. This is because the Certificate should be not just a “piece of paper”, but an additional competitive advantage! It should be a confirmation of your serious attitude toward product quality and readiness to confirm its conformity to the highest standards. Needless to say that a strong certification mark with an impeccable reputation shows product users your credibility and demonstrates your desire to be the best in everything! The reputation of the certification body should work for you – and if this does not happen, the time is ripe to think about changing the provider of this service.

Why CAB Improve Medical?

Despite the fact that Improve Medical is a young company, the names of our auditors are of high standing not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Their competence, objectivity, impartiality, and strict adherence to the ethical standards are confirmed not only by certificates, but by the years of impeccable practice. That is why the authority of Improve Medical in the field of certification and conformity assessment are hold in respect by both Ukrainian and foreign partners. This is, in particular, evidenced by Agreements that CAB Improve Medical signed with foreign notified certification and conformity assessment Bodies.

An added reason in favour of Improve Medical – a modern approach to work organization. We understand the importance of each day of delay in the market launch of products; therefore, we use internal protocols and services that allow us to perform necessary analyses, probations or testing of services as soon as possible. It saves time, and therefore money of our customers.

In addition – and this is not of less importance! – we build long-term partnerships that do not end with the issuance of the Certificate. We support our clients’ business by informing them about all important changes in the industry regulation.

How pass to CAB Improve Medical?

The transfer of a certified company from one certification body to another or the transfer of a Certificate is not a rare event. Quite a number of companies seek to transfer to a more eminent conformity assessment body. This procedure is relatively simple, practically not expensive, and does not take much time.

Here are its main steps:

– Contact CAB Improve Medical and declare your desire to transfer the Certificate;
– Fill out the necessary forms, provide our specialists with the required documents;
– Improve Medical specialists will carefully examine the documentation provided

   (by agreement, this may be performed on a call-out basis);
– After a successful review of the documentation, Improve Medical issues a new   

   Certificate. In prospect, all provided regular checks and inspections are carried

   out by Improve Medical specialists.

Get more!

By choosing CAB Improve Medical, you get more than just certification or conformity assessment. This is because we are among the first Ukrainian bodies for quality certification and conformity assessment, that have been accredited under a new, more rigorous and demanding procedure. This is the way we proved our right to go by the name of one of the most reliable brands among those performing medical products conformity assessment with regard to the Technical Regulations and quality systems certification in this field.

Improve Medical’s mark of conformity is synonymous with quality!


Benefits of collaboration with CAB Improve Medical

  • Save time and money using our extensive dealings with certification and conformity assessment bodies abroad;
  • Accelerate the market launch of your products, using our possibilities to perform quickly the necessary probations or testing of services;
  • Increase the value of your products owing to the Improve Medical mark – one of the most reliable brands among those performing medical products conformity assessment with regard to the Technical Regulations and quality systems certification in this field;
  • Keep abreast of all the official industry innovations by virtue of our well-developed system of informing customers about new regulatory obligations.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +38073 355 50 30 (whatsapp, viber, telegram, wechat).

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