In order to raise the awareness of the participants of the Ukrainian medical devices market about the new requirements of the legislation as well as to explain to all interested persons of the peculiarities of the use of the Regulations № 753 «Medical products»,
№754 «Medical products for the diagnostics in vitro» and № 755 «Аctive medical products for the implantation» the IMPROVE MEDICAL conducts active enlightening activity.

In particular, our specialists give lectures and arrange seminars on the following subjects:

— Application of legislation of the Ukraine in the field of the technical regulation. Practical application of the Regulations №№ 753, 754, 755 dd. 02.10.2013.

— Implementation and certification of the quality management systems according to the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (for medical devices and enterprises working in the sphere of production of medical devices).

During the course of the seminars, the participants get not only maximum completion and trustworthy information on the declared subjects but also get qualified and competent answers to questions related to specific cases of application of the Regulations and operation of the quality management system.

IMPROVE MEDICAL also conducts training sessions to train internal auditors in order to assess the quality management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Lectures and seminars are conducted by the attested experts-auditors having the large practical experience in the sphere of assessment of compliance with International standards and Regulations.